Friday, January 9, 2009

Destin Hood-Prospect # 7

With their second pick in the 2008 draft, the Washington Nationals selected Destin Hood. 

Hood is a tremendous athlete who prior to the draft had committed to play both football (3 star wide receiver recruit) and baseball at Alabama. His tremendous natural power and athleticism reminds you of a Mike Cameron or a Torri Hunter, but his raw skills make you realize that he will have to work hard to achieve Major League readiness.

Hood played shortstop for his high school, but he will likely be converted to an outfielder by the Nats. He has poor hands and his height and speed really convert perfectly to the outfield. The only thing he will need to do is improve his arm. His power in batting practice is incredible but it has yet to translate to in game success. This isn’t uncommon for pure athletes. Once he better understands the game and how to approach pitch counts, he will start turning on, and driving balls out of the park.

Here’s hood talking about his future after being taken 55th overall in the 2008 draft:

Destin Hood on draft

Hood playing football in high school:


Anonymous said...

Athleticism pans out in baseball more often than you might think

Senators Fans Unite said...

I researched Hood a bit and he appears to be a toolsy type player. Besides Cameron and Hunter I would also say he reminds me of former Phillies prospect Greg Golson, real raw but with the proper coaching and time he could be real good. Golson's move this offseason will help him. I can't wait for Hood to make his Double-A debut, in a few years.